I had some very good friends recently join Momentis MLM.  I was open to it and evaluated the company seriously.  I attended their Momentis Network Marketing pitch and sat down with one of their top-earners, Julio.  Julio had an amazing story of how he succeeded with this company, but in the end I couldn’t join.

First, as one of the top 10 internet marketers in Los Angeles I saw some clear pitfalls with the company.  Simply go to Momentis.com and you can see for yourself.  It is a fashion e-business solutions website.  I am not sure what happened here and will not speculate any further.  Also, Just Energy products and services can currently be sold in only 15 states.  This is a huge gap in being able to market online.

Second, I am not interested in being utilities man.  I want to join a company I can stand behind and be proud to be a part of.

Lastly, there is a $300 startup fee as a distributor for your licensing to advertise products from Just Energy.  I feel like I’m offering very little value to people in recruiting them as a distributor and offering services at the same or slightly discounted prices.  It would take them a very long time to make that money back without recruiting more people.

Yes, people make a lot of money very fast in this company.  There are people that make a lot of money very fast in almost every network marketing company.


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